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Eat, Pray, #FML



Woman finds out her husband is having an affair, woman gets divorced, man meets woman, man and woman fall madly in love, man convinces woman to go on a romantic european trip together, then man bails forty-eight hours before the trip. Woman has two options. Stay home and mend her broken heart alone, or go on the trip anyway…also alone. This is the story of how a wise woman once said, “F*%k that sh*t,” and set off on a journey to self discovery…and wine..lots of wine.

What I liked about the book:

How much Gabrielle Stone and I have in common : Gabrielle Stone is truly my spirit animal. Both of us had a parent pass away when we were young. We’re both writers and storytellers. Life dealt us one bad hand after another and instead of wallowing in sorrow, we both decided to face our fears and try something new. She went to Europe for a month and I created my own book blog…I promise you it’s way more exciting than it sounds. Or maybe I’m just a big nerd, and I’m okay with that.

The Thought Onion: Whenever Gabrielle needed to dig deeper into whatever she was feeling, she used a tool that she called the Thought Onion. According to Gabs, just like an onion, the Thought Onion is “layered with different thoughts covering up the core issue.” The outer layer is your instant thought or reaction to something. This is the “superficial thought”. The next layer is what you’re really feeling below the surface. This is known as the “authentic thought”. The innermost layer known as the “subconscious thought” is the core issue.

The Spontaneity of the trip: To call Gabrielle’s trip a whirlwind adventure would be an understatement. Gabrielle spent a month in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, and San Vito. She didn’t plan an itinerary beforehand and never knew which city she’d go to next. Did I mention she’s was doing all of this by herself?! She basically lived out of her backpack for thirty days and got into so many shenanigans with her new friends. She may have came home single, sleep deprived and with a bigger waistline from all the amazing food she raved about, but it was all worth it because she had a great time and blossomed into a stronger woman.

What I disliked about the book:

How F*%king long it was: Okay Gabs, I know you went on a month long once-in-a-lifetime trip across Europe, but did you really have to document every single day of the trip? This book had thirty-seven chapters. Some were long and some were short. I loved the titles of each chapter, but I had a hard time getting though the long chapters because I just wanted her to get to the point. I had to take breaks after reading a long chapter. By the time I came back to the book, I forgot half of what I already read before.

Overall Score: 7/10

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