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  • Kimani Williams

Fake It Till You Bake It is Deliciously Good

2022 is all about trying new things for me. Fake It Till You Bake It is the first romance novel I've ever read and it was just like a freshly baked cupcake: mouthwatering, sweet, and I just couldn't get enough.

I got the chance to further discuss the book with author, Jamie Wesley over a yummy chocolate cupcake. We both agreed that the romance genre is not to be slept on.

“I just love…LOVE. I have always been that way. I used to watch movies like Adventures in Babysitting where they would have a tiny little romance and that was the part I loved the most. The romance was always the part I was drawn to even as a little kid.” Jamie said.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should read Fake It Till You Bake It.

Reason #1: Opposites Attract

We have our two main characters, Jada and Donovan who are polar opposites through and through. Jada Townsend-Matthews is an impulsive ex-reality star who is being crucified by the entire world on social media after she turned down the proposal of everyone's dream man, Dr.John (Yes, you heard me right. She dumped a doctor on national television). If that wasn't bad enough, her parents cut her off and she has six months to prove that she can hold a steady job in order to receive her trust fund.

Donovan Dell is a professional football player for the San Diego Knights and part owner of Sugar Blitz, a down-on-it's-luck cupcake shop. He is a logical businessman who believes in structure and doing things by the book (no pun intended). He must come up with a foolproof plan to bring in more customers if he wants to keep the shop afloat. He has no time for shenanigans.

Coincidentally, Jada finds herself working for Donovan at Sugar Blitz. Neither person is too fond of the other and Jada couldn't bake if her life depended on it. Will these two enemies be able to come together and save the business as well as Jada's reputation?Read the book and find out.

Reason #2: The Secrets

Donovan and Jada must pretend to be a couple after a misunderstanding with a gossip reporter. This may be the biggest secret, but it's not the ONLY one.

Reason #3: The Pop Culture and Social Media references

This novel is realistic fiction at its finest. Wesley said that she loves pop culture memes and references, and there are tons of them in the book. One of my favorites was when Jada's grams used the word "lit" in a sentence. In one instance Jada quoted a lyric from the musical, Hamilton (she passed the vibe check with that one). Wesley is also a "long time viewer of the reality show, The Bachelor" and used the show as inspiration.

Reason #4: The Evolution of Jada and Donovan

As I stated earlier, Jada and Donovan are opposites. Donovan is uptight and orderly while Jada is spontaneous and messy. They also have a lot in common. Their lives have both have been heavily impacted by their parents. They both just want to be understood. They're both caught up in a lie (thanks to Jada) and they both refuse to admit their true feelings towards each other.

Donovan learns that there is way more to Jada than how she's portrayed on television and social media. She's not the bougie princess that waltzed into his store and insulted his cupcakes when they first met. She is creative, passionate, and open-minded.

Jada learns the reasoning behind Donovan's drive and practicality. He is more than just the bossy stick-in-the-mud who always follows the rules. He is smart, encouraging, down to earth, protective.

It was amazing to see the two of them grow and evolve as people while bringing out the best in each other.

Reason #5: Happily Ever After or Nah?

How long can Jada and Donovan keep up the charade? Who else knows their secret? Will Sugar Blitz survive? Will #JaDon become a real thing? Who knows? Well...I do, but I won't spoil it for you.

Overall Score: 9/10

Don't forget to visit Jamie Wesley's website and follow her on all social media. Tell her the Bookworm Beauty sent you. Here's the link

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